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SOKY Patriots is a non-profit organization (EIN# 84-2293057) comprised of veterans and Patriots working together to improve the lives of our veterans, Patriots, and civilians living with disabilities.

SOKY Patriots was organized to provide assistance to disabled individuals experiencing insufficient income to provide Stability, Mobility, Accessibility, Resources, and Therapies needed to lead a life of independence.

SOKY Patriots partner with community organizations, nonprofits, and businesses that specialize and are professionals in their field. Our organization does not duplicate services already available but will attempt to fill in any gaps in service that involve our veterans, patriots, and their families.


SOKY Assistance Center

Since Fall of 2019, SOKY PATRIOTS has been working to establish the SOKY Assistance Center in Eastern Warren County, KY. The center will be operated by the SOKY Food Assistance Council, which is made up of multiple like-minded organizations that operate a Food Pantry or Food Distribution Program.

This facility will support efforts in Warren County as well as supplemental food programs in Southern Butler, Southern Edmonson, Western Barren, and Northern Allen Counties. SOKY PATRIOTS will also operate the Warren County Backpack Program from this facility.

In addition to collecting and distribution food items, SOKY PATRIOTS loans medical mobility equipment to people that can’t afford it due to high copay’s, no insurance, low income, or just having to wait for insurance or VA approval. The Assistance Center will be the home for this service and will also provide hygiene assistance, emergency home furnishings, and emergency new clothing for families experiencing emergency situations.

Please join our vision to bring this idea to reality. 

Help Us Help Them!